It was the worst of fucking times
  1. This year had some very good things that happened
    And some horrible things
  2. But through it since I found this place
    I had a safe place to go to
  3. Where so many of you
    Reached out and made me feel protected and cared about
  4. Thank you list family
    For all the likes, the comments, the genuine concern
  5. For being more than a virtual place
    And for making yourselves part of my heart
  6. For sharing your hearts
    And letting me share mine with you
  7. For being genuine and candid
    And not hiding who you really are
  8. Happy holidays to all of you
    Whatever you may celebrate. And to those of you who don't celebrate anything today, just know that I care deeply about each and everyone of you
  9. The beauty of LI.ST is the way the people on here have proven time and time again
    They are there for the good, the gifs, the funny, the silly. But they also embrace the serious, the dark, the unpleasant. And they do not run away when things get tough. Love you my island of misfits!!!