Get by with a little laugh with my friends
  1. "My chocolate told me that this morning"
    I have learned to pause after a student says something, giving them time to explain it. If they don't, I ask questions. This kid explained her chocolate was a dove and "told me that" meant it was written on the wrapper
  2. "My family and I love to go to AA"
    I asked A LOT of questions. The kid was five. Turns out AA stands for American Airlines and his parents both work there. His mom has begged him not to call it AA.
  3. "Last night my mom and I flew to Hawaii and back"
    Turns out they actually didn't fly to Hawaii, I bet you're shocked.
  4. "When I get home my daddy and I are going to screw"
    Her mom was my teacher partner and when this kid said this my friend was mortified. I asked a lot of questions, while trying to keep a straight face. They were going to "screw her playhouse together, of course." What did you think she meant?
  5. "Last year I was a fool"
    I knew that kid last year. And I didn't ask a single question or disagree. Last year he WAS a fool.
  6. "Look at all the beads I got during Mardi Gras"
    I'm not going to lie, this one almost had me calling CPS. The kid was six guys, SIX. Turns out there's a whole family friendly side to Mardi Gras where kids get beads the proper way. I learned a lot that day.
  7. "That cologne is giving me an allergic orgasm"
    He meant reaction? I think he was actually looking for the word to say asthmatic reaction. I honestly don't know. I just know it was hilarious and everyone in the room knew it was something "bad". One girl said "I don't know what that means, but I know it's something bad!" Well...considering they're eight graders I'll say yes, it's bad...