LI.ST Magazine

  1. LI.ST La La Land
    The cover this month is a few of the March babies all dressed up! LI.ST. YOU ALL share this month with my girl💙@awrinkleintime on the 1st! @allisonlantagne (5) @shainadesai (6) @k8mcgarry The list of amazing people is ridiculous (13) @kaylasharee (18) the 19 BOOGIE!! @Boogie and @wahde @jessilee23 & @tylerka323 (23rd) @angela3950 AND @kiraandlulu 25 @mrflynn325 Geez March, take them all?! @laneeeee_sue 27th @wallflower AND @gagneet 28 and the lovely @shanaz (29) y su mama tambien, (the 19th!)
  2. I'm Beyoncé Always
    @HisDudeness changes his profile pic to prove once and for all that he is the one and only queen bee. (Yes, @HisDudeness I double dog dare you!) Also, he writes an emotional article about how he had the idea to pose in a field of flowers first
  3. A Gilmore Girl
    A day in the life of the lovely @allisonlantagne as she takes us through a walk down her real life version of stars hollow (this is the real cover shoot we shot in her town. I promise!)
  4. Why celebrities are "cute"
    @BWN_7 tells us how amused he is at all the celebrities who are announcing they are having twins. He reports on life with triplets and living with a world where celebrities are applauded for doing the bare minimum
  5. Who wore it best
    Ripped from her headlines, @k8mcgarry reports on the best and worst dressed men of the Oscars like only she can!
  6. Will the real FEUD please stand up
    We all know about Damon & Fallon's "feud". But the real Feud Duo of LI.ST open up about what it's like to have a real life feud and why it hurts to have people ONLY pretend to feud. @PeteOnEarth & @roche report
  7. The ever changing face of LI.ST
    @angela3950 takes us though the journey that is LI.ST and points out the good and bad changes this app has taken through time. Also, she counsels us all as we go through this very difficult time of adjustment
  8. Oops I did it again
    A list in which we quote @kiraandlulu on an admission of all the things she's done lately. Please join us as she bravely takes us through this intricate path!
  9. March Babies, Keep Comin' at me
    There were so many wonderful and talented people born in march that I missed @Nicholas However, now that this march lister revealed himself as a march baby, LI.ST magazine humbly releases this update alerting everyone to the huge mistake made (this is why live listing is wonderful!)