January edition
  1. Magic shoes
    @kate81 tells us the story of her life told by where her magic shoes have taken her and what magic shoes she's worn for each momentous occasion of her life
  2. Wild @aus10
    Rwanda! We will get to look at the photo magazine spread detailing his journey and giving us an inside look at his experiences
  3. Mommy Corner
    This month featuring the lovely @amieshmamie who gives us tips on how to have it all and still give so much of herself to all misfit listers and students (while looking amazing of course!)
  4. The Office
    @chriscady shares his most memorable experiences to date as our real life office character. Maybe if we are good we can get him to write a sequel to the tv series, this time with him as the receptionist. But don't call him Pammy!
  5. Oh the places you will go
    @Diplomatic_diva shows us her favorite spots in her beautiful hometown and inspires us all to travel to Europe. A good travel time might be after Jan.20th perhaps?
  6. Handmade gifts to myself
    @Melodie shows us her extensive collection of homemade gifts that ended up being gifts to herself.
  7. 19 cats and Counting
    Meet @joelscorp and his nineteen cats. This article is also this months photo spread, each cat posing in his or her own favorite spot of the house. Along with a massive group shot where Joel is buried under his cats.
  8. A New York State of mind
    @dudleyjoshua takes us on a journey of New York as it was when he lived there. He also teaches all of us how to keep a New York State of mind even after leaving the beautiful Burroughs.
  9. Bday Corner/capricorns take over LI.ST
    This months bday babies would also get a photo spread because, capricorns. A belated bday wish goes out to @cordeliane @analyce and a happy bday weekend to my girl @hillary79 (happy bday my rock!!!) happy bday to @macnchz and @supercommonname and of course my bday twin @billnye (not only are we bday twins but we look almost identical right??) @egiuffri & @sshemchuk also rock bdays this month. Happy January to all my crazy misfits!