1. May Bday Mayham
    This months list feels like it's a mischievous list, since the great draft demise was almost the end of this Renegade Magazine. But they're not taking me down that easily my rebels! Happy bday to LI.ST may bdays, may you misbehave even if you're in detention! LI.ST bday twins @justjills and @BWN_7 on may 1. 7- @eightk 13- the Lisa Fav you all @lisa 14- @pathb 16- my lil LI.ST sis @spaceycasey 20- @silverwolf634 @amyelizabeth 28- @mirleenew
  2. Kinder Garden Cop
    @DavidT66 shows us all what it's like to be a real life kindergarten cop and takes us back to our childhood days of pure mischief
  3. I cross stitched my way out
    @justjills will teach us all how to liven our worlds by cross stitching, having adventures with LI.ST people and embracing the beauty and the beasts of this world
  4. Currently Spinning
    A headline borrowed from many vinyl loving LI.STers. @Gola takes us on a tour of his coveted vinyl collection and gives us all tips on how to find the perfect soundtrack to each day
  5. Laptop magnets 101
    @spaceycasey this college student teaches a course on how to properly deck out your laptop with the best magnets
  6. "Live in _____________ city"
    @pathb tells us about all the fun places she's ever visited and takes us "live" on her travels with her
  7. Baby Bumps into Parenthood
    @silverwolf634 tells us all about her first few months of parenting. But since we know she's short on time (and sleep!) we let her slide with a list just full of cute baby Sam pics
  8. The Amie Whisperer
    Daniel- The face next to the face of LI.ST-gives us the insight of what it's like to be the partner in crime to our LI.ST sweetheart. Join us as we get to know all about the man who captured the heart of the orchid/ LI.ST whisperer who captured our hearts. @DCB reports
  9. Living Life in the Lisa Lane
    Lisa Fav takes us on a fabulous adventure as only she can, teaching us all about her observations on our little site and hopefully passing on some of her wisdom along the way, maybe even unveiling her plan to single handedly bring back all the wayward listers!!