I demand an apology
  1. This is a good look
    Okay at first I thought it was a lizard. Seriously people. Who would wear this?
  2. You can drink all the pepsi
    And still look this good drinking it. I mean, it wasn't even Diet Pepsi. Come on, people!
  3. Girls act like this
    On the beach, just all cozy and close. In our underwear. I do a lot of stuff at the beach. But this. Never this.
  4. We should wear jewelry with our hot pink bra
    And stand with our chest out. To show off our implants. I mean, is arching your back like that while you walk in heels even medically sound?
  5. We love dancing in our bras
    With our friends. While we make flirty faces at the camera. My friends and I dance and play around. But never in our bras.
  6. We hold each other
    Ever so sexily. In our bras. Just for your viewing pleasure. I mean, I am close to my friends. But not like. This close.
  7. Bedazzling a bra is cool
    I mean, it's very pretty. But how many tank tops do you have to wear to cover that stuff over your work shirt? Are you meant to wear that for work? If not, how else can you afford to buy it?!
  8. Swimming is an aphrodisiac
    I don't know about you guys, but nothing makes me feel sexier and more ready for action than being in a pool on a hot day. Surrounded by super thin girls and insanely old men in speedos. Also, I always wear a full face of make up and all of my nicest jewelry to the pool