Looney tunes moments I have in real life

  1. When my mom found a mysterious burn on her couch cushion and your niece says it looks like someone put a stick of dynamite on it
  2. When your son tells you all his friends are in love but he's too busy being twelve right now
  3. When you have a lot of grading to do and you are also exhausted
  4. When there are kids threatening to bring guns to school and a kid with a gun was found just last week at one of your schools and you live in Texas so there are a lot of parents who own guns
  5. When the administration is insane and you feel like you should just move to another planet
  6. When you know you're targeted and threatened but everyone keeps acting like you're perfectly safe
  7. When kids know all the material you're teaching them but then they can't show it on their tests or their papers and you're convinced everyone thinks you're making it all up
  8. When you cook dinner and no one rushes to the table and you're starving