1. It's time to save the empire
    Whatever your empire might be. And yes, it's another Empire Records gif day, there's just too many possibilities to pass up
  2. It's time to analyze my life choices
    I suppose my musical tastes could be fueling my rage when I should be taming it
  3. It's time to stop pretending like I have a clue
    I need to accept the fact that things and people aren't always what I think they are.
  4. It's time to get philosophical
    There are so many things I could contemplate
  5. It's time to make fun a part of my daily life
    Too many nights spent at home, I need to go out or bring the people who are out there to me
  6. It's time to stop being couch bound
    Same as above
  7. It's time to embrace it all
    Every time is an excellent time to do something
  8. It's time to stop putting up with anything less than what's good for me
    Fear still has a hold of so many actions. Don't want to hurt someone's feelings, don't want to be seen as cold. Screw it. It's time to stand up for myself and only allow people who are kind and caring into my life.