1. Today is a testing day
    And also, a Monday
  2. We are all being switched around the school to help cover
    Some of us in the hallway, some of us taking over other people's classrooms, some of us administering the test
  3. Today I get to be in a classroom
    Covering three different classes. I don't think I'll have more than three students in each class
  4. I technically could have worn jeans
    But I forgot to dry them last night. Oh well, at least I finally remembered to pick my clothes up from the cleaners last week
  5. There are no bells today
    So I have to actually pay attention to time
  6. I might not get a lunch today
    But I might get to leave early if testing is done early enough that the teachers come back to their room
  7. It's just another manic Monday
    And only three more Monday's to go until the end of the year. But right now I wish I had more coffee