1. The title is subject to change to the beverage of the hour
    My friends and I have varied careers, and Labor Day is the one day we are all off work together
  2. We always kick off the same way
    A mimosa or two at our the destination of choice for the bday girl
  3. Then we head to her house where her husband hosts a mean BBQ
    And I mean, I try not to eat at breakfast because the ribs are incredible, it's like thanksgiving in sept but I do no cooking!
  4. Then it's time for swimming
    And drinking more and hanging out and laughing and catching up
  5. Which lasts until dinner
    A long standing tradition. I feel like Monday night football used to be on and that's why we extended it to dinner? But now it's just what we do. We all cook dinner together, we hang out and talk and drink some more.
  6. It's also a special day because the bf gets back today
    Don't know at what point in my drunken day he will pop in but man am I excited! Anyway, off to start my drinking fest. Happy Labor Day li.st land!