More honest Taylor Swift song titles

  1. Love song
    More like break up song, am I right? I can't keep up if she's dating anyone or not she breaks up so often. Also, can we talk about the fact that she talks about being someone's "Scarlett letter"? Are we all still choosing to look the other way on this one? And yes, I know this list will likely lead to my demise
  2. Shake it off
    More like constantly tweet about it and get into twitter arguments with everyone. Who is her latest feud with? I swear she feuds more often than she writes about ex boyfriends
  3. You belong with me
    Aw, now I'm just being mean. All I'm saying is this was written in 2008 so who ever she wrote this about obviously didn't belong with her
  4. Welcome to New York
    More like unwelcome to New york. I mean, I love New York and New Yorkers like, a lot. But do they really welcome tourists? Also, are we all still not going to discuss the fact that a song called "welcome to Miami" was written a loooong time ago? No? We're all choosing to look the other way on this one too? Okay got it.
  5. Blank space
    Yup, me being super mean again. But this one is rapidly running out of blank space if you ask me. I know, none of you did.