Movie moments I'm willing to have IRL with Dev Patel

  1. Asking him if he loves me ala Slumdog Millionaire
    Only my scenario would result in me making out with him. When he says yes, I'll say "then let's run away together"
  2. Having cool experiences with him ala hotel marigold
    I would totally get in his white van. It would be like letting myself be lured with candy because man is he my candy. But I'm not even sorry
  3. Having him declare his adoration for me ala The Newsroom
    I cant remember what she did when he said this. But I would have jumped on him and never let him go
  4. Riding on the back of his motorcycle
    Oh mother may I. Except mother will say no and I'll do it anyway
  5. Him asking me this
    Um, i wouldn't even let him finish the sentence
  6. Lying in bed next to him and consoling him ala The Lion
    Oh god that's a beautiful man
  7. Drinking with him
    Sure, I'll toast to us
  8. This isn't a clip from a movie
    But can we all just appreciate how gorgeous my love is in a suit? DAMN
  9. DAMN
    Hope you enjoyed my eye candy. I'm going to go get in his white van now