Movie moments that feel like my life

  1. Doing something ridiculous to make a point
    Maybe not this exact thing. Or maybe this very thing. It's between me and the person and people I traumatized
  2. Running into an ex while wearing this hat
    Or something like it. I have run into exes after the gym. While grocery shopping in my pjs. Once when I had just gobbled cookies and had crumbs on my shirt. It's a talent.
  3. Doing something annoying when witnessing PDA
    I hate it when couples are obviously just playing up the PDA "we are so in love" thing. It's gross.
  4. Getting invited to an Exes wedding
    And sobbing about it on my friends sweater. I hate that I can say this with a pluralistic value.
  5. Being on a plane with someone I can't stand
    And having that person move seats so we can "catch up". Why me??
  6. Getting advice to move on right after a break up
    After I broke off my engagement everyone was all "when are you going to date again?" I was like, we just broke up!! People were all, don't wait too long...
  7. Having people question my dream of moving to NY
    "Did you know New York is expensive?" "Don't you know it gets cold there?" "What about your friends?" Blah blah blah BLAH
  8. Having friends that are not letting go of their ex
    Story of my life
  9. Fighting in public with an ex
    Loudly. Pretending to be discreet. Not so much.
  10. Getting asked a question I don't want to answer
    And being unsure of how the truth will make them feel
  11. Going on a terrible blind and double date