I blame all of these for all my messed up views on relationships as a young, impressionable girl
  1. Pretty in Pink
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    From what we can tell they talked only once before going on a date. A really BAD date that he was late for. During this date she was humiliated at the world's worst party by his friends and saw what kind of life he led and then he was humiliated by her friends at a bar. Somehow by the end of the night they have magically fallen for each other and make out and make a date for prom. But the biggest question is, how could any girl resist falling for this guy? What the hell?
  2. Say Anything
    She treats Loyd so badly from day one. Their first date is a party that she spends talking to everyone except for him. Then after that she keeps saying they are not in a relationship even though she spends every minute with him. Then she has sex with him, dumps him and comes back to him when her entire world falls apart. (Not to mention ignores him when he makes the most romantic gesture in cinematic history)
  3. Some Kind Of Wonderful
    The entire movie is about his crush on the super hot popular girl. We see the best friend pine for him, watch her drive them around on their date. And it's only after the popular girl dumps him that he decides to date his best friend. Is it just me or would he have kept dating Amanda Jones if she hadn't broken it off?
  4. Pretty Woman
    A prostitute and a business man, really? Guys. Do I need to keep going here?
  5. She's all That and Ten Things I hate About You
    They were both bets. They were both polar opposites and the intelligent women fall for these guys who used them to prove a point. They were both rip offs from Taming of the Shrew which is arguably Shakespeare's least romantic and most offensive play but somehow has become the premise for a million movies depicting true love.
  6. Never Been Kissed
    He thought she was his teen student when he fell in love with her, think about that...