Requested by @mnickwrites
  1. Movies: Spanglish
    Because my mom moved here with only a secretarial school degree. Because she worked for an American family when we first moved here that is shockingly like the family depicted in this film. And because I embraced the American culture almost as rapidly as the girl in this movie did.
  2. Reality Bites
    Because almost everything in this movie resonated with me. Even the part about falling in love with your best friend who is in a band. I never did get my ending with him standing in the rain professing his love for me to a U2 song though.
  3. 500 days of summer
    I have looked up the writers, directors and producers of this film out of sheer suspicion. But I'm still not a 100% convinced that one guy I dated in college wasn't somehow involved in this...
  4. The Royal Tenenbaums
    Sadly, so much of this film could be about my life and my family.
  5. Books: House on Mango street
    So much about this book reminds me of growing up in Mexico. The language, the characters. So many things.
  6. A Visit From The Goon Squad
    I don't know why, but so much about this book reminds me of the people I knew in my early twenties. There are scenes in it that just flat out made me feel like they ripped from my life. It's haunting.
  7. The Book Thief
    The way she loves books. The way she risks everything for her love of books. That is something I can identify with SO MUCH
  8. The Little Prince
    It was written for me, let me just tell you that. I won't explain it. But it was.
  9. Songs: alive (sia)
    I have actually written about this song and its impact on my life before so I won't repeat myself here except to say it's a great song and you guys should all listen to it.
  10. Daddy Lessons
    So much of it makes me feel like Beyoncé and I could just talk late into the night.
  11. One line/ PJ Harvey
    Okay in my dream life this is written about me so I'll say it is now
  12. You know I'm no good/ Amy whinehouse
    The title gives my explanation away;)
  13. Story/ Brandi Carlile
    Such a beautiful song and also, my theme song.
  14. Trouble/ ray la mantague
    Pretty much what I like to say all the time. No matter how hard I try, trouble finds me. Good or bad.