And by that I mean ruined all other movies for ever
  1. the Goonies and E.T.
    I realize it's cheating to use both at the same time but they were equally vital to my formative years. I saw these movies before I spoke English or had even been to America. And I was convinced my life in America would be filled of many exciting adventures.
  2. The Princess Bride
    It is amazing. And that word means exactly what I think it means
  3. Heathers
    Maybe I seem like a lunatic for this one but the writing, the style the story line...I was blown away
  4. Resevoir Dogs
    This movie alone will make me defend and love Quentin Terentino to the pain. Okay I'm done quoting princess bride now
  5. The Husucker Proxy
    The Cohen Brothers. Need I say more? (Your line is "of course not!"
  6. Rushmore
    If I need to explain this one...I don't even know how to talk to you
  7. Amores Perros
    I realize a lot of you may not have seen this. But if you can handle subtitles I strongly recommend it
  8. 500 Days of summer
    A movie that focuses not on love, but of mistaking attraction for love. Genius.
  9. The Black Swan
    Maybe it's the acting. The camera work. The twisted story line or the fact that I really love Natalie Portman. But I freaking love this movie
  10. Edward Scissor Hands
    Because...Tim burton...and Johnny Depp. I love them, and true love lasts for ever
  11. Amelie
    It is beauty encapsulated. It is the reason I love films. It is what makes sure that I've left off a lot of movies because, really, how can I possibly list ALL the films I love? (Another list perhaps?)
  12. The royal tenenbaums
    Such a hauntingly beautiful film. So much I related to.