1. Cristina
    My childhood bestie. I missed her so much when I moved to The States. We tried writing letters but just never were able to keep in touch.
  2. Christi and Regina
    They were great friends but couldn't handle being friends with the kid who was bullied so they backed off when it got really tough.
  3. Hans, Joey, Chris, Russ & J
    My best friends all through middle school and high school. The fact that I was bullied by the popular girls made most of the girls shy away from being friends with me. But boys could do whatever they wanted and not have anyone punish them for it so these guys stuck by me. Some moved away, we keep in touch through Instagram & such. Others married people that didn't like them hanging out with me. One of them I fell in love with and almost married so that ended that friendship
  4. My college friends
    Stephen, Helen, Sheri. Who tried their best to be good friends but it's easy for friendships to unravel when you're all competing for the same grants and when they feel like maybe you are walking away from a life that they thought you were sharing with them. So it was kind of a betrayal to them.
  5. My bridesmaids
    Jennifer, Carly, Vanessa and Maria. I wasn't healthy when I was close to these girls. So that meant my relationship with them was based on unhealthy life choices. I had to cut ties with all of them except Jennifer when I decided to make my life be healthy. I took me years to get over losing them, but it was the right thing for me. And then Jennifer got cancer. I miss her every single day.
  6. My SILs
    Trisha and Jenny and Cara and Jessica. Who I admire and look up to so much. Cara died of cancer before she could marry my brother in law, but to me she will always be like his first wife. I am closest to jessica out of this group but admire them all so much.
  7. My mom friends
    Heather, Maggie, Beijo & Erica- who walk this journey called parenthood with me and have crazy schedules so we meet up every few months . But we are there when it counts. They were with me through my cancer scare, we are with Erica now as she faces surgery for breast cancer on Wednesday (she's in Colorado so with her in spirit). We are there for margaritas and Mexican food tonight!
  8. My lifers
    Who I can call at a drop of a hat even if we haven't talked in weeks, even if it's been months. Salli, Kera, Heather, Shelley, Laurie. These ladies are my rock and @delorali and @shellzlove83 don't spend all their lives on list like I do so I have to catch them in the real world
  9. My teacher partners
    Brandi, Allison, Brooke, Seth and Kev. These people carry me through everything that is being a teacher and have my back always!!
  10. My School Friends
    Veronica & Dave, Kaye, Tania & Tabitha. We met when we volunteered for stuff at school for our kids. We got so close so fast so it was kind of like a flame that would eventually burn out. Sooner or later their kids took different paths than mine and they went with them, making other friends. One of them was involved in a school scandal and we each felt differently about her actions. We talk on Instagram and such but it will never be the same.
  11. My Soul Mates
    Charlotte, Shannon, Chris, Steve, Nikki and Blake. The people who were brought to me by fate and became the best friends I never dreamed I deserved. My daily anchors. My soul mates.