My Bookshelves

By section (this grad school thing is making me clean out my drafts!)
  1. The Pulitzer Prize Winners
    My kindle broke and most of them were on it. Sigh. Guess that means I have to find copies of the ones I lost!
  2. Non award winners that I love
    These books all changed me
  3. My foreign language
    Books written by authors who are of ethnic background or not born here
  4. The comedians
    Just a few books that have made me laugh and hang out above massive collection of vogue issues
  5. The classics
    Just a few, along with a classic picture of me with my very first class
  6. The books that read like poetry
    And I love them
  7. The political ones
    I lent too many out and am missing half of my collection
  8. The playbills
    My Hamilton one was left in my hotel in NYC😭😭😭of course this just means I have to go see it again
  9. My writing guides
    They make my life easier
  10. My Beat Generation
    Another section lost to the great kindle death
  11. The Y/A
    Working in middle school makes you read lots of these. Two signed copies of between shades of grey because I can't part with a book she signed!
  12. The music
    Records on both sides, cds along the top and a few books about my favorite musicians make up four shelves
  13. The finalists
    My newest section is this bottom shelf and I can't wait to fill it
  14. The Plays/poets
    I couldn't just leave this off