My Christmas Tree Ornaments

And what they each mean
  1. I collect these
    The very first one I ever got was a gift from a student. They are LI Bien from Pier One. I give one to a different person every Christmas. They are hand painted and I love them. And it turns out that student who gave it to me has a younger sister who ended up in fifth grade with my daughter and is now her best friend!
  2. I love these too.
    I found them on sale one year and had to get them
  3. I also love these blue ones
    They are a gift from Martha Stewart (my sil) and they are also made by the real Martha!
  4. I somehow started collecting santas
    I'm guessing a student gave me a Santa. When I taught pre-K and kinder all my home decor came from students! And now I have santas and snowmen all over my house
  5. My daughter has one approved handmade ornament
    She is a perfectionist and deemed the others "trash" so those are on the tiny tree upstairs.
  6. Overall the tree is Santa, Snowmen & Le Bein
    But blue ornaments, the white with color and these large gold ones made it in.
  7. It isn't something you'd see on Pinterest
    But we love it. And every year we have fun adding to it. Right now I'm on my way out because I've decided it needs more Santas and Snowmen and because the colored lights broke!