That I would nominate for an Oscar if I was in charge.
  1. Jean Paul Gaultier/ Absolutely Fabulous
    He is responsible for looks from Madonnas bra to Lady Gaga. His work has been shown in films like The 5th Element. His story is about overcoming obstacles and daring to stand out.
  2. 13th
    Powerful and beautifully made. I still tear up thinking about some of the scenes in this film.
  3. Life Animated
    The story of how some of the most beloved Disney movies helped a young man overcome autism. Absolutely beautiful
  4. Tempestad
    Directed and written by Tatiana Huezo, a hard look at the life of two women in Mexico. They were victimized by corruption that is taking over Mexico, but their courage and strength is remarkable.
  5. Kiki
    It's a Swedish film and some consider it to be a sequel to Paris Is Burning. Such an important film as it delves into the struggles facing the trans community.
  6. Guys I feel like this list is responsible for getting two of these nominated 😂😂😂