1. And I Love her The Beatles
    It's hard to pick just one love song by the band I love but if I have to I'll pick this one
  2. You are the best thing (Ray LaMontagne)
    The lyrics aren't as detailed as most of his songs, but he can pretty much croon to me -about anything—-all of his songs are the most romantic thing ever. Let it be me by this artist was almost my pick
  3. Into My Arms (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds)
    Everything about this song. Just everything.
  4. One Line (PJ Harvey)
    Lost loves or loves that didn't work out with the couple being together in the end are sometimes the most romantic stories.
  5. How (Regina Spektor)
    Again. Super sad. But completely romantic
  6. No One (Alicia Keys)
    I don't care if it's overplayed, it's beautiful and takes me to a myriad of romantic images every time