By order of when I was introduced to them
  1. The Beatles
    The first band I ever loved. My aunt had all their records and I just loved them from the time I was old enough to reach the needle and make them play
  2. Cindy Lauper
    My aunt got a hold of a bootleg album (her music wasn't released in Mexico) and I fell in love with her spunk
  3. Fleetwood Mac
    Really it's because of Stevie. She made me realize so many things about myself
  4. Billy Holiday
    She sang the way my heart felt as a kid
  5. Nina Simone
    She is my musical guide
  6. Ray Charles
    Only he can sing about a state I have no connection to and make me care
  7. Eminem
    His music is genius to me. I can't and won't deny it surpasses the times it makes me flinch with some of the lyrics
  8. Nirvana
    I feel sad for this generation, they don't have someone to speak on behalf of their angst the way we did. I will carry these lyrics with me for ever
  9. Alanis morsette
    I feel like she only had one album. Yet it was so powerful to me that I still own it
  10. P.J. Harvey
    Changed my freaking life you guys
  11. Nick cave and the bad seeds
    I can't stop listening to it like ever
  12. Regina Spektor
    Her music carries me to places in my soul I didn't know existed. If you live in New York and get an opportunity to see her next month, I promise it will be way beyond worth it
  13. Anna Tijoux
    It saddens me that she's yet to gain the recognition she deserves. Her 1977 is my anthem and it fuels my hate fire
  14. Sia
    So many emotions. So much raw talent. I just love her. @veshecco I'm going to stop here and hope that by making this list I haven't completed this wave of yours. I'm afraid once this wave is completed you will leave land and I'm not ready to say goodbye to you in this part of the universe just yet.💙