My favorite reactions to best actor

Because none of you were up to talk to about it last night, your feed is inundated with Oscar talk from me ALL DAY
  1. There's this:
    He's like "I came to lose to Denzel but I'm losing to who, now?"
  2. And this:
    She's like "I am not clapping for that man I am going to stand here and try to look composed. Hey remember when I won the Oscar for a movie about a woman who was sexually assaulted? Those were the days..."
  3. And this:
    Alright, so this wasn't about best actor. But it's what I wanted to see...
  4. And of course this would have been good too
    Again, not about the best actor but hey...
  5. This was, in my opinion, the perfect response
    And it's how I felt. It seriously made the whole night feel unsettling.
  6. I wish this had happened
    The response of laughter and pouting combo would make me happy. I am not hating on Matt. I could never do that. And I get that it's his childhood friend and solidarity but...Matt defended Ben when the rumors about the cheating first came out and then it was later confirmed so maybe, just maybe, my love Matt isn't the best judge of character?