My issue with this app (today)

  1. I followed a lot of people that suddenly I'm not following anymore
    How did this happen? I never unfollowed them. I'm not blocked by them. What the hell?? So if you get a "karla is following you" message from me just know I never unfollowed. I don't know what the hell happened
  2. I can't draft my lists
    It would be like if word suddenly decided, hey, you can't type any papers until you are ready to print and submit them to your professors. The thought of that sends me into shortness of breath.
  3. That I can't relist
    People make great lists that I love. Some people even humor my LI.ST magazine and write articles for it. The lovely @Diplomatic_diva made a hilarious rival list to my recent blasphemous list about HSM. And I LOVE THEM AND I CANNOT RELIST THEM
  4. People I had notifications on for are not showing up in my feed
    Which is what prompted me to check up on some listers I haven't been seeing in my feed and then i found out I had "unfollowed" quite a few people. Come on list, can't I just hang out with my friends? I'm left feeling like I look like chandler in this gif.