It's been two min since my last list (okay not really but I'm sure it feels like it!)
  1. I find myself checking list every chance I get
    And I don't have a lot of chances. I got twenty minutes to eat today, that was the extent of my free time. Then it was walk the schedule night and then I ran home to cook dinner. Yet I managed to check list and comment more times than I am proud to admit.
  2. Everything has become a possible list
    Interesting conversations? I should list about it. Disagreement with someone? That's a list. My mom is mad at me again? List..
  3. I almost drank some oil while reading a list
    Maybe I'm teacher tired. Maybe I'm a klutz. But also, maybe, just maybe—-@Boogie and @lexie_elyse wrote some awesome lists I was busy commenting on while I was cooking dinner. And I grabbed the oil instead of my wine.
  4. I can't stop talking about list
    I blame all of you amazing listers (@dfly and @ScottWilliamFoley I am talking to you!) I made everyone at work listen to your most recent lists for the entire twenty minute lunch.
  5. I can't stop thinking about list
    Did @kcupcaker like my list, I wonder? Did @marginally_amazing post another awesome list? What are @CookiesbyDave toothbrushes up to this week?
  6. Have I posted too much? Enough? When can I check list again?
    These questions run through my mind ALL DAY LONG
  7. Am I trending? Do I have any likes? Is anyone reading my lists?
    Or have they all unfollowed me because I CAN'T BE STOPPED
  8. Should I hit save? Should I publish?
    Ugh! The eternal questions.
  9. Have I hit rock bottom?
    Listing about my addiction is the first step, right? But to what? This is one addiction I don't want to cure...