All my exes can be summed up by one show
  1. My first real boyfriend
    He truly was the woooorst. Spoiled, entitled, football player(I know, I know!) His family was friends with my family and we were supposed to date. That's my story and I'm sticking to it
  2. The guy I fell hard for
    He was stylish and fun and maybe a little immature. He never knew when to take no for an answer.
  3. The annoying one
    He was seriously just as loud as the character in this show. I'm sensitive to loud people so I just call it my getting over the guy I fell hard for.
  4. The one that didn't make any damn sense
    Why I ended up marrying a guy who said things like this or who, like Andy, thought the capitol building was the white house is beyond me. But I guess Andy made millions of people fall for him so I shouldn't feel bad
  5. The other half of the man I married
    Ron Swanson. The banking employee who felt there should be less banks and less home loans. Not very affectionate or prone to showing emotions. And I'm not convinced my ex husband doesn't have a secret stash of gold somewhere. He does also love to eat Ron Swanson style.
  6. The guy I fell hard for and thought, why not try again?
    He'd seemed to grow up a lot, had changed himself so much he deserves to be a different Parks character. He now took better care of himself, but had taken things to a too far level. Tried to make me be all positive about things that were negative. Used this word too liberally (to annoy me, I think) and tried to make me a work out plan. Geez, wonder why we broke up?
  7. Okay confession time
    I never dated anyone like April. But I'm obsessed with her so obviously she had to be on this list
  8. My current boyfriend
    He's just as nerdy as Ben. Might or might not be obsessed with calzones. I honestly think I should listen to Leslie Knope (shouldn't we all?) and hang on to this one