My Secret Santa is the Absolutely Most Amazing Person

  1. I went home for lunch today
    I almost didn't because it's cold (for Texas). And as I drove in I saw the postal worker drop off a box on my porch.
  2. A box???
    Not just ANY box!!! My secret Santa box with a beautiful letter and beautifully wrapped gifts. Before I even opened it I was already tearing up from what she wrote on the box itself!!
  3. From the lovely
    And exceptionally generous @bredee Her note. Guys. Her note. As I type I tear up all over again. She wrote some incredible things. She has a heart of gold.
  4. They were all so beautifully wrapped
    And I was close to tears as I opened each one. I paused to take pictures and was practically late for work but patience isn't my strength and I had to!!
  5. She made me THREE cd's
    And oh my gosh I love that so much because I'm always looking for new music! I thought it was two when I first opened them but they are three and one is Hamilton mix tape and that's perfect because I didn't have it on cd yet!
  6. She said in her note
    That we have a lot in common and this was the absolute best thing I could get today. It was exactly one month ago today that my hopes for this were crushed but the strength and pride lives on
  7. This looks so good!!
    I'm ready to have some right now!!
    How do you say thank you for so many perfect gifts?? I am completely underserving. @bredee you have rendered me speechless.
  9. I will share this
    Because I'm entirely unable to adequately express what her words have made me feel. This note alone is the best gift I could have ever hoped for. I find myself immensely incapable of expressing myself.
  10. I took pictures of myself
    With each and everyone of these incredibly thoughtful gifts. But I was unable to keep the camera still. In my moment of emotion I did a horrific job at capturing the moment. Thank you, thank you, thank you @bredee YOU ARE MY CHRISTMAS MIRACLE @DawnCloud thank you so much for making this happen for all of us!