1. TIMES I watched Hamilton's America-3
    Three. Once by myself, once with my kids and once with my dad.
  2. TIMES I cried during It- 5
    That I'm admitting to. Scenes with the President and First Lady made me tear up. Scenes where Lin himself teared up made me tear up. Scenes with his father made me openly cry. And Angelica. She is an amazingly talented singer and I basically cried the whole time she was on stage when I watched this show. So yes. I will admit to five times.
  3. TIMES I screamed in agreement- 10
    Specifically when jimmy fallon spoke of what it was like to watch the show. It had already gotten pretty popular when I saw it. Everyone said it was amazing. I had heard a lot of the music. And yet. When I watched it. When I felt it. I was still astounded by the fact of how deeply it affected me.
  4. Bags of candy corn consumed- 2
    Not proud of this. But it could be way worse, right? I only ate a little when I watched it alone. And it was two bags with my two kids. But sometimes you need to eat some candy corn while watching something incredible. And we didn't eat it all at once. Because candy hang overs are the worst.
  5. TIMES I talked about it to people- Infinite
    I get like this when I get excited about something. People know to avoid me when I'm in this kind of mood. It becomes all I want to talk about, list about, do...weekend isn't over yet (technically) I could still watch it one more time before the week begins...