Between me and tv shows
  1. Weeds
    We started having trouble when the series moved out of the suburbs and also changed the theme song. But like all devoted girlfriends, I stayed in for one more season. We finally broke up. After the series ended I did get back together with it and finished the series. But it was never the same. I'm still scared. I approach every season of Orange Is The New Black with the fear that the intro song will change.
  2. Friday Night Lights
    I really REALLY wanted to love this show. I was familiar with the story it was based on. This show was like the boy next door my parents wanted me to date and maybe even marry. So I tried so hard. It didn't last long. And in the end I let myself and everyone down for even trying.
  3. The Sopranos
    I fell in love, you guys. I fell in love hard. But I was at a time in my life when I was focusing on my career. I had to say "it isn't you, it's me" and walk away. I never finished the series, I feel I lost out on my chance.
  4. Lost
    I had trust issues with this show from day one. I wanted to believe that eventually my reservations would be assuaged, but in the end I left feeling more confused than I began.
  5. Homeland
    Giphy downsized medium
    I was so happy to be reunited with Clare Danes, her time on my so called life played a huge role in my motivation to give tv relationships a chance. But this show was like one of those relationships that was missing the passion for me.
  6. True Blood
    We started out all hot and heavy. But the passion fizzled out much too soon.
  7. True Detective
    We started out hot and heavier than true blood and I did. This time it was more than passion, it was deep, true love. The insightful conversations, the cinematography. The music. But after season two, I fear giving it another chance might be destructive behavior.
  8. The Walking Dead
    I was so committed to this one. I wanted to share a life with this show. I even took things slow and tried to get to know it before moving too fast. But it disappointed me, played with my mind, resorted to cheap tricks and we are DONE. I mean it this time. Maybe.