Odd Mom Out

Is my life
  1. This show is everything
    Raising your kids in the suburbs means good schools and neighborhoods with properly maintained lawns. Totally worth it. Right? But it's hard to fit in when you don't dress like everyone else, are a democrat in a sea of republicans. And also you like sex and don't mind talking about it.
  2. Jill is so vocal
    She and I have that in common. I don't mind speaking out. Loudly. Singing show tunes whenever the mood strikes. I embrace it all. And it does not make me popular
  3. Still cherish my friends, married or not
    I missed the memo where getting married meant getting rid of all friends, especially unmarried ones. I was actually told once that staying friends with single friends was "impossible". I didn't buy into it. Later, when I got divorced, I was asked if I thought that maybe spending so much time with my unmarried friends had anything to do with it.
  4. Having to get a mammogram sucks
    But cancer runs in my family, so off I go. And when I dared mention this, I got very strange looks and people walked away whispering. I guess the word "mammogram" is the new c word.
  5. I dared to talk about things other than my kids
    I was interested in things like reading, writing, non-family tv shows. And horror of all horrors, music. I didn't want to stand around and talk non stop about potty training. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to have someone to share those struggles with. But it's also nice to feel like saying "I read a book" isn't treated like I just punched my grandma in public
  6. I dared to have support gay rights
    And have gay friends and family members around my kids. Was I not "worried they would be influenced?" I was asked at a party once. I responded I was more concerned by them being influenced by bigots and close minded people. Our invitations were lost from there on out.
  7. I dared to call myself a feminist
    This was considered a bad word. Still is. But since I'm no longer part of the crowd of people my ex spent time with, I no longer have to see this face when I say it.
  8. Like Jill on the show, I just grinned and said choice words through gritted teeth
    If I had a partner I could laugh about with, it could have been more fun. As it was, I laughed about it on my own. And my friends were there to laugh with me. I even felt like I finished a marathon when I managed to make it through that part of my life without falling apart.