1. The carpet
    I know bodily functions are hilarious to so many people. And I've tried to find them amusing. I have. But they're just not my thing...
  2. Weight Loss (Michael klump)
    Giphy downsized medium
    Body shaming is so sad and also, Kelley passing out is terrible
  3. Dinner Party
    I just feel so bad for them being trapped in such an awkward situation. But okay I do laugh at this one a lot!
  4. The Duel
    It was just so sad to see two people so in love with someone who didn't deserve it (I'll never get over Dwight marrying Angela in the end. She deserved to be alone with her cats) (okay thats mean)
  5. Prince Family Paper
    Taking out the little man is so sad you guys!!
  6. Costume Contest
    For the most part this episode cracks me up. But gabe creeps me out even though I do laugh a little bit
  7. Here comes treble
    Okay it used to bother me because they made fun of George Michael. But also because it's sad when adults are still reliving high school or college. Now I just cry because George Michael is gone. And also because Andy trying to re create his Pitch Perfect days is really sad. I say it's hard to watch this but I never actually skip any of them when I'm rewatching the series for the millionth time so...
  8. The hardest one to watch is always the finale
    Because it was such a good show and sometimes I wish it had never stopped running. Why is that too much to ask?