Office Moments I love

  1. When Pam Got A Lil' Drunk
    Drunk Pam might be my favorite
  2. Michael Scott...oh Michael
    I wanted to hate him. I did...but I grew to love him
  3. Oscar being Oscar
    His one liners were pretty amazing
  4. Kevin...oh Kevin
    He had some brilliant one liners
  5. Kelly being Sassy
    Maybe she said some crazy shit but man she could sass with the best of them
  6. Angela's cats
    She mostly drove me nuts. But she sure did love her cats
  7. Dwight Strikes Back
    I loved watching him get pranked. But man was it funny when he pulled this
  8. Jim Stealing My heart
    He made me laugh so much with his pranks and humor. But when he lost that big sale and Pam fell asleep on him and he said it was "a pretty good day"...heart melted
  9. Andy coming back
    I thought he was gone. But when he came back he proved his story was one of a man who wouldn't quit
  10. Ryan looking Foolish
    @bjnovak wrote many of the episodes, which is part of the brilliance of how this seemingly super cool kid messed up so much
  11. Holly not Getting Engaged
    This gave me hope that Michael would get her back
  12. When Darryl Cried
    Heart melted