Other Oscars I want re examined

Last nights stunning finale to the Oscars left me wondering how many other times this has actually happened and no one spoke up
  1. When Coppola lost best director
    For The Godfather. I still remember when I learned that fact and kept saying "that can't be right"
  2. Marisa Tomei for my cousin vinny
    She was hilarious and adorable but best actress? Over judy Davis? Come on! The rumor has always circulated that it was called in error
  3. Braveheart
    I know all my male followers will hit unfollow. But I really never understood why this won. Over Apollo 13 and any other movie made that year.
  4. When anyone from titanic won
    And now all my female followers click unfollow. But seriously that film was not groundbreaking to me and it definitely did not turn out Oscar worthy performances in my opinion. And the academy agreed. But yet the film swept the Oscars and took home directing and best film. Which, to me makes no sense without at least ONE Oscar worthy performance. That's my opinion and I've been sticking to it since the movie came out.
  5. I can't even talk about last nights best actor
    I just. I can't. (But you know me I'm gonna!). I just. His performance was brilliant but so was Denzel's and I don't want to ignore what's going on. I just. Should we not disqualify anyone that has allegations of this severity against him until everything has been examined? Has it been examined? Are there charges? What the hell is going on?? I have all the feels. My face was just like Denzel's when Affleck was talking to him.