Inspired by the one and only- @marymurphy
  1. E.T.
    Yes. I did, actually crush on E.T. I fell in love and laid out rieces pieces for him on my window sill every night for weeks. Granted, the movie had been out a few years by the time I watched it. But I was convinced it was based on a real story and that he was coming to marry me. One morning I found a stuffed E.T. Doll on my window. It took me until my twenties to admit my mom had left it there.
  2. Tom Hanks in BIG
    It was my first Tom Hanks movie. It was in English, with subtitles, and I was WAY too little to be watching it. But watch it I did. I fell in love and was sure he would, in fact, marry me. After watching splash I was picking out wedding rings. But at some point I realized he is happily married and I don't want to be a home wrecker. (I'll take his son, though! He's closer to my age anyway.)
  3. Jordan Catalono
    Yes, I know who he is in real life. But I loved him as Jordan. In my heart he will always be Jordan. And like all great, mysterious loves- he was so misunderstood
  4. Jason Bourne
    Okay so I love Matt Damon. But Matt Damon as Jason Bourne? So MUCH adoration. I'm not completely shallow. But he did a very good job as Jason Bourne...
  5. Prince Phillip
    Tall, dark hair, blue eyes, rebellious? Willing to fall for the peasant girl and not afraid to stand up to her. A fan of swords and dancing? Seriously love me some prince phillip.
  6. Don Cheadle
    I mean, drool. I might have gotten a showtime subscription just for this man. I might have watched every movie he's ever been in. I can't get enough...