People I'm not telling about list

Not now, not ever
  1. My mom
    I love her. I do. But every time I post a list she would feel the need to correct it.
  2. My ex sis in law
    Hey I LOVE her. Even dragged her to NYC with me. But how can I properly vent about my ex if she's on here to make me feel bad for doing it? She's too sweet for my bitterness
  3. Any of my friends on FB
    I don't mind their babies picture. I actually love them. But a list of all the places they went to today, a list of the cutesiest things their kids did, a list of why their husband is am-az-in-g. Reasons why your faith entitles you to be racist or condemn gay people? No, No, thank you.
  4. People Who say "actually"
    There's nothing wrong with that word, in of itself. But when I'm telling you about something and your response is "actually" and you go on to tell me why I shouldn't feel the way I do...that's when I go kill bill on you.
  5. The guy I'm dating
    He can be on list. He'd be a great contribution to it. But he can't read all my vulnerable, raw, confessions. Then I would have to think twice before posting lists, and end up feeling worried about how I come across...
  6. Anyone I knew in high school
    The mean anyone's, anyway. Because they suck.
  7. My family members
    Not even the ones I get along with. It would be list after list of family drama. It's too much. Trust me.
  8. The neighbors I avoid
    They have a neighborhood fb page and it is madness. They go off on each other about the unmowed grass. Trust me, you don't want them here.
  9. Taylor Swift's crew. Group? I don't know what her people call themselves
    Maybe because I'm not a fan of her music? But when it comes to hearing all about her feud with a Kardashian I find I just don't care. Unless you're making fun of it. Then I care. A lot.