Perfume Ads

That I honestly don't understand
  1. Bvlgari
    I mean, did she put this on or did she drink it? She looks high on something to me. This could have been the poster for train spotting, in my opinion.
  2. I mean, come on
    Nothing like spraying on your favorite expensive cologne and then stripping in broad daylight. Also, I'm sorry, but this just can't be comfy
  3. All this time
    I've been wearing perfume when I'm going out, like some kind of savage. I had no idea I was supposed to save my most expensive bottles for when I was planning on stripping.
  4. Finally
    A perfume that doesn't make you take your clothes off. However, it does appear to make you roll around in a field of pink roses. I wonder if anyone will still be able to smell the perfume on you after you roll around for a while?
  5. Or this one
    Which makes you roll around in the sand. Apparently naked. Now that absolutely can NOT be good for anyone