Princess Bride moments I've been living since Trump's been in office

  1. This was me on November 9 and for a while there after
  2. Then the people who thought him harmless made me snap out of it
    And I started fighting back
  3. This is what I've been doing
    I will not be silent or complacent
  4. This is what I do pretty much every time he opens his mouth
    And I'm going to keep at it
  5. This is what I do when he misuses words
    But especially when he says "vindicated" or "fake" or "witch hunt"
  6. This is what I do when he complains his job is hard
  7. This is what I do when anyone tries to defend him
    And I don't think it's an over reaction
  8. This is how I react when someone assures me he will be impeached
    But deep down I believe
  9. This is what I feel I look like since the inauguration
    But imma keep on fighting
  10. This is how I picture him reacting to his impeachment
  11. This is what I feel he's saying to all of us
  12. This is how I respond to that
  13. This is me until it's all over