Reasons I am proud when people call me a "girly girl"

Gifs inspired by @kiraandlulu
  1. For the longest time in my life I avoided it all
    Not for healthy reasons. But I was 25 before I ever put on foundation. And no, I didn't know what an eyelash curler was
  2. I knew nothing about clothes
    Or brands or anything. And I was proud of it . Like I wonder if I did it on purpose? Shopped in the grandma section perhaps?
  3. And then I got a job that required me to dress up
    I don't know how I got it based on what I wore to the interview. It was bad!!! And the poor woman assigned to mentor me...I want to find her now and apologize to her so much
  4. I dressed terribly
    Andy has nothing on me guys
  5. I'm sure this was said behind my back a lot
    And I can't even blame them
  6. I knew nothing about brands
    It was ridiculous
  7. I didn't understand about body image problems
    I had trained myself not to care to the point that even being thin wasn't something I cared about
  8. Also, much like Andy, I didn't "get it right away"
    I still thought the whole dress up thing was silly. I too, was a slow learner
  9. So then I finally started asking questions
    I know I drove everyone crazy
  10. I failed A LOT
    People around me were as patient as can be expected
  11. And my lack of learning did almost cost my job
    It might sound wrong but honestly it was only fair. And in the end I'm glad I was pushed to that level
  12. I wish I could say I look like this now
    But I'm still learning. And I'm proud to be girly in the end. Not to sound trite, but I really did learn so much about life in the process