Part one of probably a million
  1. There's this
    The view driving into the city. It's just. It fills me with life
  2. And this
    I can't ever decide the spot in Grand Central that I love the most
  3. Of course there's always this
    When a leisurely stroll into Central Park turns into an evening picnic listening to some great music
  4. And I can't say enough about seeing people who are just out..practicing their art
    I just love it
  5. Of course there's also this
    Food so good that everyone takes it off the pan before I can take a picture!
  6. And the real reason...this
    To be honest, this list could go on for ever. But at the heart of it all, it's incredibly nice to be in a city that shows their support so openly and reflects what I'm feeling in such a beautiful way
  7. It is my soul mate
    As much as a city can be someone's soul mate. The art, the life, the everything. I just love it