Reasons I'm Like Loralie Gilmore

And why my daughter is Rory
  1. My daughter turns sixteen tomorrow
    I planned a party for her and my mother (aka Emily Gilmore) didn't think it was "fancy enough" so she planned a different one at a nice hotel. And of course she forgot to tell us before she invited people
  2. I was a bit of a teen mess/my daughter is an honor student
    Wish I had been as motivated as she is to make good grades, go to college-she wants to be a nurse! I'm one lucky mom
  3. I can't stop talking to everyone/she's shy
    I love her just the way she is, but it doesn't stop me from encouraging her to spread her wings and fly a little
  4. I tend to drag her into all kinds of stuff/she goes with it
    Art shows, plays, concerts- you name it (I was six months pregnant and went to the pink concert- I like to tease her I've been taking her to fun places since she was a fetus)
  5. I'm constantly messing with her/ she tries to make me stop
    Can't help it. Or don't want to. It's fun. She tries to get me to be serious but...
  6. We are very freakishly close
    We spend so much time together, and I might sometimes have asked her a question like this...maybe we are too close...
  7. I can be slightly inappropriate/ she is always cautious when I make my comments
    I'm not going to say I haven't said things like this
  8. I can be slightly immature/ she's too grown up
    I'm not going to say I haven't said things like this
  9. I am addicted to coffee. Okay that one we share.
    I need coffee with my coffee, I need coffee so I can get the coffee...
  10. I just can't get being a daughter right/ she can't get it wrong at all
    But I think I do okay at being a mom
  11. I'm a bit crazy/ she's a bit too sane
    Together we make sense
  12. I really really love snow/ my Rory does too
    Like maybe a little too much
  13. I decided to go to grad school/my Rory has been very supportive
    While being a mom and having a full time job. Insane
  14. I've been known to wear ridiculous things/my Rory tries to stop me
    And I stand by them. Also my closet might be a walk in closet that was meant for a married couple and it might be full. When bins and shelfs full of clothes. I make no apologies
  15. I might be a bit combative with my parents/my Rory tries to stop me
    But I swear my parents are just like the gilmores so doesn't that justify it?
  16. I don't like mornings/my Rory is always waking me up to "get things done"
    Like, at all
  17. I might be too involved with my kids friends and their personal lives/my Rory strangely doesn't mind
    I'm not nosy I just really care
  18. Also did I mention I like coffee?/my Rory has given up standing in the way (she's a smart girl, that one)
    I resurrected this list just for you @Boogie but thank you for your request to do so. I am quite enjoying this trip down my list lane. Hope it's not driving all of you nuts!