To be @theshome niece
  1. As some of you Instagramers know, she is the coolest aunt ever
    I told her I need a fun auntie and she said she's taking applications. So here goes
  2. I don't have any aunties here
    My moms three sisters live in Mexico. I can't visit them because my hometown is so crime ridden that it's no longer safe to visit
  3. I'm a great niece
    I do send my Mexican aunts care packages. Also, when I was a kid I was that niece that all the aunts loved to take out for the day because I am always up for an adventure
  4. I'm not a picky eater
    I will seriously eat anything. And if you have me to choose a restaurant it will never be sonic
  5. I'm grown
    So we can watch R rated movies and listen to all the grown up music you want
  6. I don't have an abundance of energy
    So you won't have to tell me to calm down
  7. I don't get bored
    I know it's weird, but I just don't. I don't know if it was growing up in a large family and always having to find ways to entertain myself. But I always figure out something to keep me occupied
  8. I'm not afraid of bugs
    I can humanly get rid of any bug you want me to and I've even been known to get rid of a snake
  9. You already love and like me @theshome
    So you don't even have to pretend to like your niece. We are already there. Thank you for your consideration, I will eagerly await your response