Reasons to delete a list

  1. You planned on live listing but you were volunteering
    Why did I think I could live list a volunteering event? All of these people needed their bins and their shirts and they had questions and we were BUSY. This was just a small part of the crowd who ran in this event.
  2. These two girls joined me
    And I had to focus on them, not on the list I was trying to sculpt!
  3. It was freezing
    I found out that when you lose your iPhone gloves it's pretty difficult to list. Also you are freezing and all the good pictures are outside, like the ones of the lights in the speedway. It was a cool sight but we were cold and hungry and so we left!
  4. You're in between eyebrow waxing
    And you took a selfie and your eyebrows look like two huge caterpillars. But oh well, you took the picture so you go ahead and repost it here. And maybe it doesn't count as deleting a list if you write a list citing your reasons and pretty much repost the whole list?