(In case you were wondering)
  1. A teacher helped me eat
    Growing up with an alcoholic father and a single mom working for scraps in Mexico was rough. There wasn't always food on the table. Sometimes tortillas are all you can afford for dinner. And I had a teacher who always made sure I had a lunch and sometimes fed me a full meal before I left school for the day.
  2. A teacher helped me heal
    In third grade. My teacher recognized the severe signs of my sexual abuse. He didn't hesitate to speak up. He talked to the whole class about sexual abuse, he sent home pamphlets for the parents to read and watch out for warning signs. He told me his door was always open. When I couldn't bring myself to tell him my exact situation but casually mentioned I hated going to my grandmas in the evening while my mom worked, he created an advanced after school study group that saved my life.
  3. A teacher helped me write
    Same teacher (amazing man) told me he saw a potential in me. No one had ever told me that before. I'd been skipped grades and been advanced in class work my whole life but no one had actually said "you are special". He gave me my first typewriter. I've been writing on a typewriter since. I wish I could find him and tell him what he did for me.
  4. A teacher helped me grow
    College professor. Told me my papers made her cry and pushed me to the best writer of my ability. She still checks in with me, encourages me to finish and publish my novel.
  5. Now I can have the chance to be that teacher to at least one child
    That's all I can hope, when I meet the new groups of students that come in. When I'm trying to memorize names and character traits. If I can help one kid do something, that's all that counts, right?