@shellzlove83 is on list and I'm so excited!
  1. She is the best to time warp with
    Here we are after Rocky Horror Picture Show. Drinking all the martinis and having a ridiculously good time. This girl knows how to make Rocky Horror an absolutely amazing experience
  2. She is the best dinner guest
    When she comes over for dinner she brings rare wine from Argentina and it is delicious and I am pretty sure I drank it all!
  3. She is the best to go have dinner with
    I promise there was food at this dinner. But there was also wine. Of course there was wine, it was happy hour! And if you need to pour your heart out, she is the best person to do it with!
  4. She will break her ankle for Wicked
    She literally broke her ankle to get to Wicked. If that doesn't tell you how cool she is, I just don't know what does!
  5. She appreciates my geek humor
    I know I can find the corniest joke and send her a screen shot of it. Because not only is she an amazing person, teacher and lover of all things cool- she's also the most supportive friend you'll ever find! I'm so happy she's on list. I hope you take some time out of your list life to welcome her❤️💙💜