Regardless of intentions, this is how I end every school year

  1. With the kid with the ridiculous name in my class
    That's right "copper", I'm talking about you. *all characters have been renamed to protect their identity...and my job (but I would like to point out that the real life name is eerily close to the name copper. I'm not even joking. It's equally ridiculous)
  2. With one last admission about being personally victimized by the Regina George in my school
    There's male versions too guys, I have been victimized by the boy versions of the reginas more times than I can count
  3. By making empty threats
    It's the last day of school and I'm powerless and they know it
  4. By finding some kind of obscene something
    Or hearing it or witnessing it or all of the above
  5. By trying to give one last inspirational word
    That sounds trite
  6. By giving up and saying this
  7. By trying to help a kid who doesn't want my help
  8. By losing my damn mind
  9. And finally by screaming my head off