Inspired by @gagneet who was inspired by @solena
  1. Juarez, Chihuahua-my mother
    It is the city that molded me, gave me life and family. It is the city where my roots lie and that no matter how far I stray from it will always feel like home
  2. Morelia, Michoacán- my guardian angel
    This city took me away from my reality every single time I have been there. It is like stepping into another world, with its quiet like way of keeping old traditions alive and embracing living life without the ties to the modern world
  3. Yucatán- my history book
    Home to some of the most historic and beautiful relics of my blood line. This place makes me feel like I'm living within the pages of a history I never got to live.
  4. Mexico City- my beautiful best friend
    This city is so striking and glamorous and one I can't keep up with. It's one that I party with and go to museums with. One that takes me shopping and gets me to act wild and fun. But afterwards I am exhausted and revert back to my introverted ways.
  5. Santa Fe, New Mexico my awakening
    This city made me realize there was a side to me I'd never knew existed. I stood on that ground and inhaled that air and suddenly I was transformed into someone else. Someone with a voice and who dared to dream outside of the realms that had been constructed for her.
  6. Colorado Springs, my wild child
    I do things in Colorado that I would never do in a normal life. I hike, ski, and am far more adventurous than I ever dreamed I could be. It fills me with an energy I can never seem to posses anywhere else.
  7. California, my dreamer
    I get carried away by my intoxication for the beauty of this state. Every city is beautiful and majestic in its own way. The ocean draws me in and holds me captive to its mystic beauty. I am always so inspired after spending some time in this beautiful state.
  8. Dallas, Texas- my responsibility
    I owe a lot to this city. Where my children where born, where my career began. It's the city I live in and that has given me the means to support myself and my kids, and for that I will always be grateful to it
  9. Austin, Texas, my rebellious side
    I spent so much time there in my formative years. This city encourages me to speak out for what I believe in and to embrace the weird that is me.
  10. New York, my soul mate
    I knew I belonged there the minute the plane landed. The more I go back the longer I stay, the more I realize this city is the right fit for me. It is the love of my life and I can't wait to make a life long commitment to it