Responses I have on reserve for Professional Development Days

Professional Development Days are the worst
  1. For when someone is judging
    My teaching style, mistakes I've made, the way I handled that one kid with the behavioral issue.
  2. For that inevitable moment
    When we find out we have to add something crazy to our curriculum or are expected to produce all of our grades by the end of the day.
  3. If you mess with me today
    Hopefully everyone just gives me my space today, because I am pretty sure I will go off on anyone who tests me, just saying.
  4. If my "favorite" vp wants to make small talk
    This is going to be the most polite response anyone is going to be getting out of me today.
  5. During the afternoon staff meeting
    By then I'm going to be full blown psychotic, for sure.
  6. For when someone asks for help
    Either of these two responses will work, actually. I'm just not in a very helpful mood today.
  7. If you interrupt my grading
    I have a lot to do so...It is one of those days I'll be quoting this line all day long.
  8. To any parent who complains about their child's grade
    Of course the only parents who will complain are the ones whose kids haven't turned in half of their work or didn't follow instructions.
  9. For when the work day is over
    This is pretty much how I expect to look when I'm rolling out of here today.
  10. For later today
    Maybe not "kill". But there's that one teacher on our team that drives us crazy on a normal day. On a PD day...this will be me for sure.