Road Trip Groupies

  1. Please feel free to mute me this weekend
    Or like, for ever. I was going to call this list road trip selfies but since I'm going to be taking pics with some lovely ladies I thought groupies was more fitting! First official stop: Czech bakery
  2. Second pic opportunity
    Mexican martini and tipsy peach. Boogie and I didn't pose for this one since the drinks represent us. If she and I were turned into alcoholic beverages this would be what we would look like
  3. And my favourite morning ritual
    Sitting in the backyard drinking coffee. This is like a secret garden and I want to come here every morning for ever (yes, I'm an ELA teacher but the Canadian is coming so I had to spell favourite that way!) keep tuned (or don't) for more pics to come!
  4. @hillary79 is here!!💙💙💙💙
    Guys this is getting REAL
  5. And look who else is here!!!
  6. @theshome is here!!!!
    Did you guys feel the ground shaking and hear a lot of screaming? Basically it was all of us FREAKING OUT