Seen at the local bar

Never a dull moment
  1. A man yelling at his wife
    And I quote "get your fat ass out here bitch!" She laughed and followed him out. Lovely.
  2. A man walked into the door
    I'm guessing he'd had a bit to drink? He said he thought the door was open? The door was wooden and I don't know what else to say.
  3. A couple making out so fiercely
    That I felt like I was intruding in their private moment. I seriously thought he was going to swallow her whole at one point.
  4. A couple of very young looking girls
    Talking very loudly, very openly about their desire to be, um, fifty shaded?
  5. A guy telling his friend all about the amazing, smart girl he met
    If he mentioned her looks I didn't hear it. He went on and on about how smart, talented and independent she is. Also called her progressive and feminist with nothing but respect in his voice.
  6. A woman detailing the different kinds of anti depressants that she's on
    And asking the bartender what she could drink that wouldn't cause any bad side effects.
  7. Me, making my exit
    Looking very cool and collected but knowing when I have to pass up on driving and call for an uber instead. Happy New Years weekend listers. But stay safe in your drunken escapades you crazy kids!