1. The first piece of evidence is that I got SUPER EXCITED about this list request
    I'll start by explaining that I have around sixty pairs of shoes. I wear heels for fun because I wear sneakers and sandals for function daily (teacher life) I know my audience, so if I'm going out with people who don't wear heels I just wear practical shoes. Please don't judge. I'm not shallow. I'm just short and like heels. First, these: these are my casual, throw on for dinner heels. See how relaxed they are?
  2. These are my "business" heels
    They're in black and brown. So similar in color I that I have to stand under a light before leaving to ensure I matched them with the right mate!!
  3. These gals like to party
    Despite the height they are super comfortable and I wear them anytime I'll be standing for a long period of time, I freaking love them
  4. These girls give me height
    My bf is six two so I neeed height. They're not the best walking shoes so they are strictly dinner or a show heels
  5. These girls went to Hamilton
    I might have an Aldo obsession. They competed for Hamilton with basically every pair of heels I own and won because of their subtle flair
  6. These are my "low" heels
    After I wore the dark brown ones and saw how comfortable they are to go out in I got the lighter shade. I need them both, don't judge
  7. I also really really needed this pair
    They're super comfortable but jazzy. Wear them to the bar after work and they are just enough to make me feel fancy
  8. I've been told these girls mean Fun
    I'll leave it at that! Usually wear these to weddings
  9. My most worn in shoes
    I wore these for literally everything to the point that I need to have them repaired. I love them
  10. And another pair
    Also super perfect happy hour shoes. Sometimes I wear these to work if I'll be sitting a lot. The rest of my shoes are either sandals or sneakers (teachers walk all day, heels are impractical!). But this list should give you an idea of how a pair of heels can be my undoing
  11. I have roughly ten pairs of boots
    And honestly they all look pretty much like this. Whatever, I needed them all!!